Author: Vic Neverman

In the wake of the Maya Apocalypse of 2012, Vic Neverman decided to find a new calling and retired from the conspiracy theory business. Today, Vic is reformed and re-socialized, living in a Florida halfway house where he works as a fixer for local real estate agents. When he can, Vic sets out in search of shade and refreshment in the farthest corners of the world. What he brings back are stories of the world's uncharted dives...

Slap the Goon: the Winos of Gagaju

If Australia is a continental escape from the dregs of Northern Hemisphere normality while maintaining the same imperial thirst for beer and leisure, Gagaju is the trailer park microcosm of this departure. Vic Neverman and Rescue Diver Dave Mosby are on the run and there isn’t a better place to hide than Gagaju.