What are Uncharted Dives?

To the road-weary wanderer, finding refuge for recuperation or revelry is paramount. Whether it is Uncle Dak’s cobra-wine shack in the Mekong River Delta or a lagoon-flooded café in Venice, the weathered traveler will often opt for any port in a storm. Uncharted Dives is a collaboration of writers describing their ports in the storm. These are tales of restoration and revelry, of love lost, found and lost again. Stories born of boredom, whether waiting for the Amazon deluge to pass or the North African sun to relent. Stories rekindling the embers of a enlivened conversation with happenstance co-travelers. And, of course, these are stories about catching a mellow buzz in corners of the world both near and far.

In these blogs, our writers will express their stories through prose and poem, recollecting fragmented memories and faded bar tabs, dredging up the past in order to interpret the events which have shaped the paths we took on the way here. The dives, gin joints, saloons, bars, clubs, pubs, vineyards and taverns mentioned herein existed as effervescent as a crisp tonic, yet these physical locations have often become flat with time. Flattened, in some cases, literally to make room for whatever was to come next. These are establishments which may never be reached again… perhaps the traveler will not have the chance or the desire to return… perhaps the traveler will retrace their steps and never find the path… or perhaps the place no longer exists as it once might have. All that may remain of these uncharted dives are the stories we tell.

The posts within this blog will range in place, from hidden riad gardens in Old Marrakech to floating islands in the Amazon, from Iceland glacier camps to New Zealand goat farms, from Laotian computer cafes to suburban American backyard apocalyptic whiskey bunkers. This is not a travel blog as much as it is a blog defined by passage of time and often space. This is a blog which celebrates the exciting nature of plunging blindly into holes in walls and dipping toes into watering holes. This is a blog celebrating unexpected fellowship and boozy behavior. This is a place to rekindle what has not been charted before. These are our uncharted dives into life.

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