Morrison Hotel

What is it about the Morrison Hotel?

Sure, who isn’t a fan of The Doors? Beyond the rock album of the latter century, Morrison Hotel was a bar on the Southeast side of Portland, Oregon, where many of the original corroborators first came together. During an 18 month maelstrom in the late first decade of this 21st Century (2008-9ish), the “MoHo” was the navel of our universe, the magnetic center point which drew us together. When there was nowhere to go, we went to the MoHo. When there was everywhere else to go, we went to the MoHo. The Morrison Hotel has since closed its doors, just as the maelstrom faded into the distance, but those months will never be forgotten… as long as we keep the moments alive. The Morrison Hotel is just an example of an Uncharted Dive, but it is a significant one for many of us as it was the spiritual Eden from which we’ve made our genesis into what would become.

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