Where to find Uncharted Dives?

Florida – a peninsular state dangling off the right side of America.

New York City – f.k.a. New Amsterdam, this town is a pretty big deal with walled streets, centralized parks and subterranean ways.

Oregon – located between San Francisco and Seattle, this state is named after a popular 1980s computer game.

Texas – formerly known as the Republic of Texas, currently known for brisket and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

Laos – the land of a million elephants.

Mexico – precursor to New Mexico, where Tex-Mex food is served without the Tex.

Colombia – where Pablo Escobar keeps his hippos

Australia – a land locked country in the middle of Europe with kangaroos and shit. Wait, maybe no.

Philippines – fragmented islands of the lost continent of Mu.

Bahamas – fragmented island of the lost continent of Atlantis

California – agricultural land known for soy beans and grapes

Iceland – greener than Greenland, but not as icy

Peru – llamas everywhere; “llama” is spanish for dreadlocked camel

South Korea – fashion capital of Asia

CLOCKWISE FROM 6 o’CLOCK: Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Bahamas, Cuba
Laos – Turn Left at Vietnam. Philippines – head south from South Korea and leap over Taiwan.
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