Victor Ulysses Neverman

In the wake of the Maya Apocalypse of 2012, Vic Neverman decided to find a new calling and retired from the conspiracy theory business. Today, Vic is reformed and re-socialized, living out of temporarily vacant homes represented by his realtor girlfriend. When he can, Vic sets out in search of shade and refreshment in the farthest corners of the world. He’s tanned, rested, ready… and still paranoid.

Izzy Badger

King of the war dial and inventor of catchy jingles such as “cozy cozy clean socks” and “absolutely thank you, I think so, I think so”. Izzy’s a part time policy professional and full-time idler known to eat entire packs of watermelon bubbleyum in a single sitting.


 Mixed metaphor virtuoso turned Hollywood billboard designer. Next generation quantum leap, Macgyver, dread pirate Roberts, and skeletor, with a twist of graffiti.

Penny Rainmaker

Penny Rainmaker hales form the region of New York commonly referenced as “upstate”. A healthcare professional aspiring to enter literally any other field, she can memorize song lyrics from the radio after a single listen. This auditory memory is most present in a moving vehicle and thereby inconvenient as she identifies as a visual learner.

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