The End of the World (Saloon and Snack Bar)

At the End of the World, all are barefoot. The sand floor is midday hot at midnight. Tropical air is thick and combustible from the airborne sweat & rum swung from the bodies of dancers. The mood is frantic, panicked and carnal with a backdrop of impending doom. It is a ramshackle bar atop of a rocky outcrop surrounded by a swelling ocean during the twilight of man’s dominion over the earth. The end is near and there is a growing concern I will not live to see the climax.

Kino Eye

Pouring one out for Isy’s all-time favorite bar. Kino Eye, in Busan, South Korea.

Everyone who landed in Busan never thought they’d be there. After awhile, most wondered if they would ever want to leave.

Guns, Nerds & Steel: A Night out at the New Star

It was a place of forgotten love. Where poets are quoted whose names are now lost. No one went there to win anything. Only to arrange a more perfect defeat. We always drank the big pitchers made from hard plastic. We spent Popeye’s 24th birthday there, and one night, after we accidentally started a melee…